Student Housing Wireless Data Acceptable and Responsible Use Policy


    In order to access Prescott College wireless access points in student housing, you will need to have a wireless network device installed in your computer or other portable computing device, or your device must have built-in wireless capability. To determine how to connect to a wireless access point on your particular device, please consult the respective user’s guide for that device. If using Windows or Mac OS, it is required that you have up to date anti-virus software installed on your device prior to connecting to the network.  It is also required that all users enable firewall protection that is a built-in component of Windows and Mac OS. Please refer to your operating system documentation for instructions on how to enable this feature.  Prescott College does not offer technical support for personal devices.


    Each individual suite has a password protected wireless network. While this provides an additional layer of security to help prevent unauthorized access, it does not protect the individual session on your device. This means that any data and information that is sent and received through the connection could possibly be intercepted and viewed by an individual with the proper technical skills and knowledge. Users are responsible for securing any form of transaction that involves sensitive or personal information, such as online banking. It is recommended, but not required, that you use SSL protected websites whenever possible.

    Nature of the Service

    The Service provided to students is intended for reasonable use by a person using a computing device, and is provided to support academic needs. Other non-academic uses are allowed but not supported by Prescott College staff. 

    Allowed uses of our service include but are not limited to:

    • Web surfing.
    • Sending and receiving email.
    • Sending and receiving photographs.
    • Social media.
    • Occasional on-line gaming.
    • Occasional streaming of videos and downloading of files.

    Prescott College will troubleshoot and repair connection issues that prevent academic functionality, such as accessing student e-mail or online courses.  However, while Prescott College allows non-academic use of the internet, it will not troubleshoot or assist with non-academic issues such as online gaming, social media, or watching movies online. The quality of non-academic applications or services may change without notice.

    Prescott College prohibits use of its network that is criminal, unethical, reflects poorly on the character of Prescott College, or that limits the bandwidth available to others.

    Prohibited uses include, but are not limited to:

    • Torrents, without exception.
    • The continuous unattended streaming, downloading or uploading of videos or other files.
    • Maintaining an unattended or continuous uninterrupted connection to the Internet, such as through a web camera or machine to machine connections that do not involve active participation by a person.
    • Operating an Internet hosting service, such as web hosting or gaming hosting.
    • Any use that impairs the user experience of other users, or that otherwise impairs network performance.

    Wireless Internet service has limited bandwidth capacity. Wireless service can suffer from congestion and reduced performance when usage by some individuals exceeds the usage of typical individual consumers, thereby having a negative impact on the entire network. This acceptable use policy is intended to ensure that the activities of a single person or a few users does not unfairly impair the activities of all users of the service. Please govern yourself accordingly.

    Additionally, at the time of this writing, the wireless signal in each suite is generated from an access points on each floor. These access points broadcast both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. For the best experience, connect to the 5GHz network if your device is able to.

    Cable Television

    Due to circumstances beyond the control of Prescott College ITS, beginning in the Fall of 2015 the cable television connections in the public dining area of the dorms will no longer be able to receive a cable signal. This is due to a combination of the installed cable serving the dorms and the service offered from the local cable provider. Prescott College ITS cannot guarantee the availability of cable television signals to these connections.

    Technical Support

    If you require technical support from Prescott College, you must contact Student Housing.  You are not to contact the IT department directly for any student housing issue.

    If you require technical support for an issue that isn’t supported by Prescott College, Student Housing can refer you to local computer service business for assistance.

    Online Gaming

    Prescott College does not prohibit or block online gaming on any platform. However, due to firewall constraints, most online and multiplayer gaming platforms will not function as expected. This is a known and expected issue. I.T. Services will not assist in the troubleshooting of online gaming.

    If you would like a more technical explanation of why online gaming platforms do not function normally in the dorms, please put in a request through your R.A.

    Wireless Data Devices

    Each student housing dorm, apartments or townhouses have devices installed to provide residents with wireless Internet access. These devices are the property of Prescott College; residents are prohibited from removing, tampering with, or in any way altering the devices. As well, if residents are issued device passwords, residents are prohibited from sharing those passwords with anyone.

    Termination of Service

    Anyone found to be in violation of this policy may have their wireless privileges terminated, and may face other administrative or legal consequences.

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